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The rating of 3/5 is a bit due to personal taste, as someone with an engineering background. Macroeconomics PDF EBook

This textbook has been a wonderful introduction to the commonly used IS/LM and AS/AD models so far (I'm only halfway through as of writing this review), and its text explains lucidly the minutiae workings of the model. In turn, the model provides a textual framework with which to understand the economy.

With a background in engineering however, I shudder when I see such a technical topic dealt with almost entirely without serious mathematical formulations. The lack of mathematicization of especially Chapter 10, which deals with the AS/AD (Aggregate supply/Aggregate demand) model makes the explanation feel tenuous at best, and at worst it raised suspicions in me that it could just be a chapter of hand- PDFwaving.

Good introductory textbook, but don't expect a rigorous, mathematicized treatment of the topic at hand. Like this book? Read online this: My Vampire Cover Model (Cover Models #1), Macroeconomics.

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