Magnolia Blossoms

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Life isn't easy—especially when you're the reclusive daughter of a melodramatic attorney openly mocked for his commercials, and a free- PDFspirited mother who gives art lessons in the nude. Magnolia Blossoms PDF EBookTheir over the top personalities make it easy for the sheltered and introverted Magnolia Berrybush to swim in a sea of anonymity—until the day she finally snaps.

Desperate to break free from a clandestine world above her parents' garage, she devises a plan to make her mark—serial killing!Unfortunately, she discovers that her heart and stomach aren’t ready to handle the life of a cold-blooded murderer, so she’s forced to move on to Plan B.

During her ill-fated attempt at achieving infamy, Magnolia meets Honey LeReaux, a hooker who is well past her prime.Ironically, Magnolia begins to blossom as she plunges head first into a seedy world, but realizes that smutty books and adult films have done little to prepare her for the real world.

Will Magnolia ever break free, or is she destined to live her life hiding in the shadows of her secret world? Like this book? Read online this: Magnolia, Cherry Blossoms and Titanium.

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