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After trying every diet program imaginable—from Atkins to Optifast—media giant and self- PDFconfessed junk-food junkie Oprah Winfrey met personal trainer and exercise physiologist Bob Greene. Make The Connection PDF EBook The rest is talk-show history. (Who can forget seeing Oprah wheeling that wagon of fat onstage?) Instead of fad diets, fasts, and quick fixes, Greene taught Oprah how to eat right and exercise regularly. He helped her lose more than 70 pounds and changed her life forever.

In Make the Connection, Greene tells you how to lose weight the Oprah way: with hard work that includes a sensible diet and daily workouts. He gives 10 steps that he believes are the fastest and most effective ways to increase your metabolism and decrease your weight. You'll also learn why we eat, how to become self-aware, the purpose of body fat, and the physics of body weight. To keep you motivated, Oprah shares her personal shape-up story and offers suggestions for sticking with the program. Make the Connection is about more than shedding pounds. It is also about making a daily commitment to take care of your body and feel better about yourself. —Ellen Albertson

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