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I found this a little bit tedious at times. Making the American Self PDF EBook The first thing that needs to be established is whether or not there is a such a thing as the American self, or if America provides a unique opportunity to develop the self. If that is so, who is the opportunity for, and to what extent does that process become democratized during the first half of American History. Certainly we are familiar with the idea of 'the self- PDFmade man,' The self made man seems to share certain tropes, a rejection of the mid-western background and of anti-intellectual parents (figurative or literal), and we tend to look first to Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas.

Howe sees the particular American straight of self-development as a synthesis between the Protestant evangelical tradition and the Scottish Enlightenment. Self-development for personal satisfaction becomes self-development for personal financial gain, becomes self-development as the means to an end, we must create a society where everyone is able to develop their perfect selves.

In the background, driving much of this is Faculty Psychology, relating the way in which each enlightened individual must suppress their passions through their reasons is a symbol for the way that governments themselves must look to reason but also create checks and valances to keep their passions in check.

reads a bit like a sketch, or like several pieces of a truly expansive work, one that went beyond this handful of biographical sketches. Like this book? Read online this: Old Labor And New Immigrants In American Political Development, The Making of American Audiences.

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