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This book is incredibly informative and chronicles a little known politician and influential woman Margaret Chase Smith. Margaret Chase Smith PDF EBook I had previously never heard of Mrs. Smith, and am enlightened upon reading her story. The story is a biography for children, stressing gender equality. Throughout her life, Margaret Chase Smith fought to be treated equally in congress, and ran for president.She fought against fellow republican Joseph McCarthy during the Red Scare, a risk that could have jeopardized her career and livelihood, but one she was willing to take. This story is great for introducing ideas concerning gender equality.
Stylistically, the illustrations are colorful, but the format of each page is the same, text on the left, illustration on the right. There is an incredibly informative historical timeline along the bottom of each page that deals with US statistics about college enrollment, women in congress, throughout our short history.
Despite my distaste for the formatting, the book is an empowering read for young girls. I would recommend it. Like this book? Read online this: Stories from the Life of Joseph Smith, The Chase, Volume 4 (The Chase, #4).

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