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Marilyn Monroe's death in August 1962, apparently a suicide, shocked the world. Marilyn's Last Words PDF EBook The coroner's report stated that her death was due to a massive overdose of Nembutal capsules. But what about the discrepancies between the official report and the eyewitness accounts and memories of the people who were there at the scene of her death—friends, her housekeeping staff, police officers, and doctors? And what about the forensic evidence that disappeared between the time of her death and the coroner's report being issued? Looking back at thousands of documents, many never before published, and interviewing dozens of sources, Matthew Smith argues strongly for a startling new version of events, as he paints a portrait of Monroe's day- PDFto-day world toward the end of her life. The case he makes is based not only on the documents and on complete forensic evidence, but also on the secret, confidential tapes Monroe made for her psychiatrist in the days leading up to her death—tapes that reveal a woman in charge of her life and her fate, a woman looking forward to a busy, bright future. Here, in her own words from the transcripts of the tapes, are the most private, secret thoughts of Marilyn Monroe. Like this book? Read online this: Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe.

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