Marry for Money

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With titles from every poular subgenre of Romance, in styles from chaste to explicit, this series offers selections for romance readers of many tastes. Marry for Money PDF EBook Includes releases from top- PDFselling contemporary authors.She would never really honor or obey the man she married . . . he was not the man she loved. Brad Spencer had said "Marry me, and you'll have everything you've ever wanted or ever will want". Beautiful, copper-haired Gail Rogers listened to a little voice inside her — you're never safe if you love someone — and settled down with wealthy Brad Spencer in a marriage that was strictly for money. But Brad didn't know how much Gail wanted Sam Meredith. Brad was a good husband, understanding, tender, but could he ever give Gail the one thing in life she really wanted? Like this book? Read online this: Brad's Bachelor Party, I Marry You Because. . ..

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