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Comprehensive - PDF and surprisingly, great - movie star bio. Mary Pickford PDF EBook I was a bit leery on this one since Pickford honestly doesn't seem like all that interesting a person. Of course, she became famous playing "the girl with the golden curls" in dozens of sentimental melodramas and comedies. Unlike many silent film stars, however, she never had that one indelible, career-defining role. Playing virtuous, optimistic young women and kids became her trademark and, ultimately, her downfall. Scott Eyman has the ability to capture the moments of her life, while also casting a realistic, critical view on her personal eccentricities and films. Pickford was a cold, pragmatic woman in real life whose mother and siblings met early deaths through alcohol (it would eventually get her, too) and self-destruction. She was also an astute businesswoman, co-founding and running United Artists motion picture studio from the silent era through the '50s. Unwilling to break out of the sweetie-pie image that made her famous, she retired from acting relatively young (early 40s) and lived out the second half of her life as a semi-recluse and priggish moral crusader. I finished the book with a grudging respect for the woman, however. A few dull passages delved into United Artists business dealings, but mostly it was an absorbing portrait of a multi-faceted personality. I was also impressed with the research/detail in describing the rise and fall of her estate, Pickfair, and the loyalty of her few intimates such as Lillian Gish, stepson Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and her third husband, Charles "Buddy" Rogers. This book is apparently out of print, but well worth seeking out. Like this book? Read online this: United Artists, Mary, Mary and Other Plays.

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