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Meal by Meal is a unique daily meditation book that taps into the healing power of mindfulness as a tool for dealing with issues such as food choice, dieting, and weight loss in a more balanced and sensible manner. Meal by Meal PDF EBook Each day is a self- PDFcontained journey of conscious eating to nurture a healthier relationship with food.

As sustenance, Buddhist devotee and former monk Donald Altman shares daily meditations including quotes from various sources from around the world: Zen teaching stories, the 6th century Rule of St. Benedict, the Bible, the Buddhist tripitaka scriptures, Hindu scriptures, Native American rituals, and sages from all the major wisdom traditions. Meal by Meal also explores food rituals, eating, preparation, and much more, as it examines perennial food dilemmas, including how we can learn to moderate our thoughts and feelings about food and how we can master mindful techniques to help us transcend our struggles so that we can rest in peace with all of our food choices.

Meal by Meal will give hope to those who are engaged in the difficult, daily struggle for balance around food, and for those who want to nurture a healthy relationship with food.

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