Meditations for Manifesting

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I enjoyed this practice and I would have given it 4 stars if he hadn't mispronounced or misspoke the word "renounce" on Track 4 at the 6:33 mark. Meditations for Manifesting PDF EBookHe was doing some affirmations on God and started out with the term: renunciation.Then, he went on to make it a verb as in "renunce,"which I don't believe is a word.Up until that point, I was relaxed and into the breathing and vocalizations.After that, it kind of disrupted the flow.Dr. Dyer is great tho.I think I'm going to continue to practice this and just ignore the little mistake in the middle- PDF to be fair its only one small part of a twenty some minute meditation. Like this book? Read online this: Practice of Process Meditation, The Meditations.

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