Men's Dreams, Men's Healing

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Traditionally, masculinity has been measured by externals which include physical attributes, success and achievement, instrumental expertise and ability. Men's Dreams, Men's Healing PDF EBook In "Men's Dreams, Men's Healing", Robert Hopcke has framed masculine psychology within the dreams of two men, one homosexual one hetrosexual. In sharing his encounters with these men over years of dreamwork and therapy, Hopcke spotlights several recurrent themes in the suffering and redemption of modern man's inner masculinity which includes the lack of even minimal feeling awareness and the fear of intimacy among modern men, issues of authority, the heterosexual male's "inner feminine" and the homosexual male's "inner masculine" as well as the experience of fatherhood. Drawing on the work of Jung, Greek myths and Christian symbolism Hopcke uses the inner journeys of these two men to move the reader toward a new understanding of what it means to be a man in contemporary society. Like this book? Read online this: Big Baller Bet - bisexual male/male, Healing the Cause.

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