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This book is the result of discussions at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur. Menyatu dengan Semesta PDF EBook It focuses on parallel shifts in thinking (paradigm) within science and religion (they focus primarily on Christian and Buddhism; download; others are mentioned, but not dealt with as in- PDFdepth as those two).

This is put in the format of a dialogue between the authors. Often there is agreement (and it often seemed they were trying too hard to find similarities and conjunctions between science and religion); sometimes there is questioning of each other and teasing out certain points.

The format was too scattershot and not structured enough for me. I'd get interested in a line of thought and then suddenly they'd digress to something else. I sometimes felt I was walking in a fast moving muddy river trying to see the constantly varying bottom.

They also would sometimes use judgmental words such as "reactionary" and "outmoded."

While this book did give me some new ideas, I did not like the format. Like this book? Read online this: Science Made Easy Book 2. Looking at Differences and Similarities, Katakan Cinta dengan Warna.

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