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This was a rather disappointing book. Meyer Lansky PDF EBookIt appears that the lead author was Uri Dan, who spent considerable time and effort convincing his readers that he was friendly with Meyer Lansky and that Lansky opened up to him.There are even copies of letter from Lansky to Dan suggesting that Lansky is considering telling him his life story.The introduction also offers considerable promise as Dan refers to thousands of government documents that were used to fill in some gaps and augment Lansky's story.However, parts of the book read like fiction and the more authentic parts focused on how much Lansky loved Israel.By the end of the book, the authors had strayed away from Lansky and towards shadowy international financiers and Israel's various wars.

The book starts off discussing Lansky's flight from Russia.While some may be author liberties, there is the general discussion of the pogroms and the plight of the Jews.This has been more of a theme throughout the book than Lansky.Lansky may have honestly told him about such recollections as he did flee Russia at an age wherein he could remember such climactic moments.Once in New York, the book seems to take a decided turn.There is much less first person narrative and more 'this is what it was like.'It is typical to imagine the little man as a giant defender of the Jews against the Gentiles, as portrayed in the book; download; but he had to have been more involved in violent behavior to rise to the top of the very violent Jewish underworld of the era.No matter how Uri Dan tries to identify Lansky as merely a bootlegger and gambler; there had to be more to it.If Lansky was candid with Dan, these issues were dodged; and Dan did not really question them.

Testimony from the 1950s from a former associate place Lansky as a gunman who shot at a minor criminal in 1928.Notice, there was no mention of murder; just shot at.This incident is also discussed in the much more professional book by Robert Lacey.The entire discussion on Prohibition has problems such as Lansky leading a gang of every major Jewish gangster of the Eastern seaboard.Lansky surely would not have said this, and there is no documentation that Zwillman, Schultz, and Soloman were members of the Bug and Meyer Gang.There is also some controversy over Waxy Gordon.While there was definitely violence between Lansky and Gordon, Uri Dan makes it out over imported bootleg whiskey.Gordon was involved in beer, not whiskey, not imports.Gordon's gang was virtually exterminated ca. 1930- PDF1933.There was more too it.Then, Uri Dan states that during the Castellemarese War among the Sicilians, the Jews, including Gordon, all worked together.This is patently false.Even the bloodshed of the Sicilian conflict cannot be confirmed as written by Dan, supposedly with Lansky's first hand account.

After Prohibition, the book become even more convoluted.Dan acknowledges Lansky was involved in gambling all over the United States; but the data is scattered and poorly organized.Chronology is only available with regards to Cuba, suggesting that Dan did very little research into these Lansky ventures apart from what he might have wrung out of Lansky himself.There is barely any mention of the Arrowhead Inn tax case that got Lansky in trouble.The World War II chapters - and there were a lot of them - focus on protecting the docks.While Dan tries to focus on Lansky arranging everything, it very clearly was an Italian Mafia operation.Again, the data and the chronology are difficult to follow because Dan focuses too much on Lansky and not on the other characters.

After World War II, the book seemingly focuses increasingly on Israel with spattered discussion on gambling casinos.Like most Lansky books, the focus is on the unjust treatment Lansky received by Israeli authorities after all he had done for them raising money and what not.The chapter on a shady banker is almost wholly irrelevant to the book and shows problems with the authors' style.The book also was published while Lansky was alive.So that fact alone might lead to explain some of the biases and problems.However, my overall assessment is that it is poorly researched, poorly written, and not authoritative.Readers should be cautious because one cannot tell where Lansky ends and Dan takes up the narrative or fills in the pieces. Like this book? Read online this: The Hilarious Adventures of Jass and Marble. ( A funny children book ages 2 - 6, fully illustrated kids short story book): The Case of the Missing Dog ... Hilarious Adventures, children's books), I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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