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I would have preferred a book written after the trial and all that, but that's what I get for not checking original publication dates (or, really, any publication dates since I just said, 'ooh that looks interesting' and stuck it in the to- PDFread pile). Minister of Death PDF EBook I found this particularly interesting because while I know that a number of Nazi's escaped and moved to South America (and other places), I didn't really have any understanding of how it was achieved. It never even occurred to me that there would have been entire countries and governments helping them (you'd think, though, that it would have occurred to me that the Arabs and Jews don't seem to really get along with each other today, never mind during WWII and the formation of Israel). I have to say it makes me really uncomfortable to think of ordinary people actually being anti-Semitic and helping Nazis as a result. I guess that's part of why WWII fascinates me as much as serial killers do - I just cannot understand these people and I would really like to. At least then I could be sure that we're all human (of course, you can make the argument that my Asperger's kind of prevents that anyway, but still...). This is a highly recommended book, at least until I find a biography of Eichmann written after the trial. Like this book? Read online this: I Am the Most Interesting Book of All, Millennium Prime Minister, Vol. 01.

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