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Grateful that the heavy doors to St. Miracle of Love PDF EBook Mary’s Cathedral were still open at midnight, Erina O’Shea entered with her infant son and knelt at the altar, hoping and praying for a miracle. She had been told that Colin had little chance of survival, and afraid for her baby’s life, she offered her prayers up to the Blessed Virgin that Colin would be healed. Although her faith was strong, Erina was not prepared for the manner in which the Blessed Virgin answered her prayers for a miracle. Opening her eyes, she realized she was no longer kneeling at the altar, but was instead in someone’s home, with unfamiliar shapes that must be furniture. Where was she? The appearance of a half- PDFclothed man did nothing to calm her fears, but he quickly took charge, putting her and the baby in something called a Cherokee, and rushed them to the hospital, although she told him that the doctors had said nothing could be done for Colin. Erina’s fears intensified, not only for Colin’s well-being, but also about the unfamiliar sights and sounds swirling around her. She had prayed for a miracle to save her son, but where – or when – had the Blessed Virgin taken her?

Grant Kirby was more than surprised when the young woman appeared in his Galveston condo, but when he realized that the baby was truly ill, he didn’t hesitate to get both the baby and the young mother to the hospital. Her story of how a miracle had brought her to him just didn’t ring true, and when Erina gave the baby’s name, Grant was stunned to hear the last name of Kirby, and when pressed, Erina admitted that she had been taken advantage of by Jerrold Kirby, when she worked in the Kirby home as a maid in 1896. A savvy real estate broker, Grant was well aware that there were all sorts of scams in the world, and yet he found himself believing Erina’s story. She had no identification, no money, not even a change of clothes with her, and strangely, he found himself wanting only to protect her and Colin.

Erina’s profession of faith in miracles brought her to an unexpected place and time, and though she may have been overwhelmed with the challenges of 1996, her faith never wavered. Accepting Grant’s financial help and emotional support was not easy for Erina, though she did her best to adapt for Colin’s best interests. Grant’s protectiveness was brought out by Erina’s vulnerability and insecurity in an unfamiliar world, and he was surprised at the depth of his feelings for her. I appreciated how both Grant and Erina learned not only to trust one another, but to trust more deeply in their shared faith. This was an inspiring story, and one I enjoyed reading.

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