Mission Geheimcode (Zac Power, #3)

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After three years, it is finally time to lift the lid on the secret identity of the Zac Power series’ best- PDFselling author, H. Mission Geheimcode (Zac Power, #3) PDF EBookI. Larry.

Zac Power’s world of adventure and espionage has been immensely successful, with around fifty exciting stories published and over a million copies sold in Australia alone. The ‘H.I. Larry’ pseudonym was used to keep the series consistent (and boringly, ensure that all Zac Power books are catalogued and shelved together!), and readers have long been intrigued by Larry’s secret identity.

The voracious reader demand for more Zac stories required a large writing team comprised of several brilliant Australian authors – many of whom have gone on to create their own fiction. Because of the success of the Zac Power series, and these authors’ rising profiles, Chris Morphew, Hilary Badger and Meredith Badger are now available to speak about their work on the Zac Power series.

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