Mission to Venus (Doctor Who: Find Your Fate #4)

PDF EBook by William Emms

EBook Description

The Doctor is counting on YOU to help win a nerve- PDFwracking game of trust, treachery, and terror in Mission to Venus. Mission to Venus (Doctor Who: Find Your Fate #4) PDF EBook

Traveling in the TARDIS, you and the Doctor materialize with a crash in a most unusual place: the belly of an in-flight spaceship. More eerie are the tall glass jars you find there, filled with jelly-like plants that desperately want out... but why?

While the Doctor ponders that question, you meet the crew — a suspicious, vicious, and mutinous lot. Will they reveal the plants' true purpose and the ship's destination? But that may not matter after all — the spaceship has been struck by an enormous meteorite and now you're flying out of control on a collision course with Venus!

There is precious little time for you and the Doctor, and perhaps everyone else. It will be a true test of your ingenuity to avoid becoming galactic statistics as you Find Your Fate. Like this book? Read online this: Doctor Who (Target Doctor Who Library, No. 106), How to Find A Job (Book 1) A Necessary Job Search and Career Planning Guide for Today's Job Market (Find A Job Series).

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