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Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail features works by noted cocktail authorities Christine Sismondo, Robert Hess, Gary Regan, LeNell Smothers, Gwydion Stone, Audrey Saunders, Dale DeGroff, Ryan Magarian, Darcy O'Neil, Jared Brown, and Anistatia Miller. Mixologist PDF EBook The never- PDFbefore-published articles presented in Volume Two focus on the origins of the word "cocktail" and profession of bartending. Christine Sismondo puts forth the politically-charged early historical record of the word "cocktail." LeNell Smothers explores the origins and evolution of the Colonial American classic, the Mint Julep. Gwydion Stone relates the story of the "Green Fairy"—absinthe. Gary Regan uncovers the true birth of the Cosmopolitan. Robert Hess relates the need for passion in the execution of the mixologist's art, while Dale DeGroff explains how to set up a successful bartending operation. Ryan Magarian shows how he developed a bar program for a cruiseship line. Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown sit down with Henry Besant and Dre Masso of the Worldwide Cocktail Club to discuss the future of cocktails from a British perspective. Audrey Saunders details the cold, hard facts about the second most important ingredient to go into a cocktail—ice. Our resident chemist Darcy O'Neil delves into a definitive and scientific discourse on sweet & download; sour mix. To close this volume, Robert Hess returns with the history of Bacardi Rums. Like this book? Read online this: Mathematischer Cocktail, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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