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The fair lady in the family has been hinting for some time that every time she goes near my bookshelves, she gets into a prolonged fit of sneezing. Modern American Poetry and Modern British Poetry PDF EBook Finally, in the interest of keeping the peace in hearth and home, I rolled up my sleeves, girded my loins, donned a mask and dusted my books. Lo and behold, in the back of the lowest shelf, where sun has never shone for some time, I found this treasure. It's like meeting an old familiar friend, and suddenly the years has fallen away and once again, you two are young, innocent, carefree and idealistic! Ready to sail forth, take on the world and slay the fire- PDFbreathing dragons!
My book is probably older, since the cover doesn't look anything like that. On top of the title page, it still says "War Department Education Manual". I was still in high school when I found the book in the discard box of a bookstore who was cleaning out their old stock. Now, the pages are yellowish, some of the pages have lost triangular corners where I used to dog-ear them. Once again, I re-read Walt Whitman's lament for Lincoln, O Captain, My Captain; download; Emily Dickinson's I never Saw a Moor; William Henley's defiant Invictus; and John Masefield's unforgettable Sea Fever.
Reading poetry is not like reading novels or technical books. With fiction, once maybe twice; reference books, - only when needed; but poems has to be read when you're in the mood.
This will always be in my currently reading. Like this book? Read online this: The Big Book Of Time Travel Romance (Includes: After Cilmeri, #0.5; Lost Highlander, #1; The McKinnon Legends, #1; Out of Time, #1; Time Walkers, #1), Modern Poetry (English Masterpieces, Volume 7).

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