Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers

PDF EBook by John R. Taylor

EBook Description

Refreshingly contemporary, this beginning- PDFlevel introduction to modern physics covers all the important topics of relativity, quantum mechanics, systems with two or more atoms, and subatomic physics—but does so in a manner that won't overwhelm readers who are new to the subject. Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers PDF EBook Explanations of concepts are exceptionally readable (often enlivened with humor), and an abundance of high-quality worked examples and practice problems give readers the hands-on practice necessary to master applications. The Space and Time of Relativity. Relativistic Mechanics. Atoms. Quantization of Light. Quantization of Atomic Energy Levels. Matter Waves. The Schrö download; dinger Equation in One Dimension. The Three-Dimensional Schrödinger Equation. Electron Spin. Multielectron Atoms; the Pauli Principle and the Periodic Table. Atomic Transitions and Radiation. Molecules. Solids—Theory. Solids—Applications. Statistical Mechanics. The Structure of Atomic Nuclei. Radioactivity and Nuclear Reactions. Elementary Particles. For anyone needing an introduction to, or refresher of, modern physics. Like this book? Read online this: Applications of Mechanics to Technological Problems, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Volume 1 (Ch. 1-20).

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