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On April 18, 2001, Gregory and Teresa Heimann arrived at Seattle- PDFTacoma International Airport, having just come in from Atkins, Arkansas to visit with Gregory's father, Jerry Heimann, whom they hadn't seen in five years. Mom Said Kill PDF EBookExpecting to be met at the airport by Jerry, they were disappointed to find he wasn't there to greet them.When they took the airport shuttle to his home in Everett, Washington, they were stunned to find not only that he wasn't home, but his house had been virtually stripped bare, and that Jerry's elderly, wheelchair-bound, starved and dehydrated mother was sitting in the living-room clad in soiled diapers and eating torn pieces of paper because she couldn't reach the graham crackers placed on a nearby table.There wasn't a sign of Barbara Opel, whom Jerry had hired as a caretaker for his mother and a general housekeeper around the house.The elderly woman, who had advanced Alzheimer's, was covered with bedsores, and had obviously been sitting in that chair for quite a while, her needs unattended.The answering machine was unplugged from the telephone, the battery was removed from the caller ID unit, the downstairs phone was unplugged from the wall, and the phone in Jerry's bedroom was missing.And there was no sign anywhere of Barbara Opel, who had been living with her children in Jerry's basement.

When the Snohomish County Sheriff's office was notified, it didn't take long to determine that Jerry's live-in housekeeper, Barbara Opel, had robbed him and fled with her children.But Jerry was missing, and no one knew why, or where he was.And his mother, who was transported to a hospital, never recovered from the trauma of helpless witnessing from the violent murder of her son — she died shortly therafter in the hospital.

But the next morning, Barbara's 11-year-old son Michael led police to Jerry's body.Soon detectives were getting confessions to a group of teen and pre-teen children who, at Barbara Opel's command, had battered Jerry Heinmann to death with fists, baseball bats, and knives.

This is the story of a mother who turned her children and their friends into killers, and then rewarded them for their crime.One of the most disturbing true-crime stories I have ever read, it goes deeply into such issues as the psychology of criminals, sociopathology and psychopathy, disturbing public reactions to crimes committed by children and to children in general, and numerous related issues.Well-researched and thoughtful in its presentation, it does fall down in some areas, in that there are numerous grammatical problems and typos in the text, and that it was either written by more than one person, one more able than others, or the writer's state of mind was at times impaired for some reason.Other than that, the book is well worth reading for its discussions of public perceptions of criminals, especially child criminals, versus the reality of such individuals, and the legal issues surrounding crimes like this one. Like this book? Read online this: Jerry Rice, Kill Me First.

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