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The jungle is astir. Monkey Business PDF EBook Something very, very exciting has happened beneath the old family tree. What could it possibly be? Whatever the cause, it certainly has the jungle denizens in a tizzy. In six glorious, bursting- PDFwith-color-and-energy pop-up spreads, Paul Stickland yet again dazzles young readers wtih brilliant, reach-right-out-and-grab-you self-activating pops. Follow the monkeys throught the jungle as they gather their neighborhood friends - elephants, tigers, giraffes, and alligators - to unveil something that makes them feel so proud. Big brothers and big sisters will be especially delighted to discover the new arrivals nestled snugly within the shrubbery...and can even rock them to and fro simply by pulling a tab. Using the same lilting, chant-along rhyming text and pop-up wizardry he displayed in his bestselling "Truck Jam" and "Big Dig," Paul Stickland has added an outrageously hilarioius jungle menagerie to his masterful repertoire. Like this book? Read online this: Jungle, Playing Dirty (Monkey Business Trio, #1).

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