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The claim that a style can be evaluated in moral terms has played a significant role in modern architectural history. Morality and Architecture PDF EBook Watkin's book is a classic work on this theme, tracing the history of moral arguments in architecture beginning in the 19th century and critiquing the justification of stylistic choice based on moral criteria. The book certainly has a polemical tinge to it, rather than being a scholarly tome, which invites one to agree or disagree with Watkin's ideas. The book's central thesis, which basically argues that architectural style involves personal choice by the designer rather than only some sort of historical zeitgeist and always involves ornamentation regardless of claims to pure rationalism/functionalism, challenges a long tradition of architectural theory.Like it or not (for the most part I personally am with Watkin) this critique of a major impulse in modern architectural theory helped open up a healthy debate, which continues to shape how architecture is designed and understood today, and for that reason this short book is decidedly worth reading. Like this book? Read online this: Selections from the Architectural History of the University of Cambridge, Morality Tales.

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