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Met Carol Lynn Pearson and got 4 copies of her book. Mother Wove the Morning PDF EBook Maybe I'll suggest it to the ward book club, if they haven't read it already (they've been doing this book club for 30 years, so every book I suggest has already been read!).

October- PDF
This has been on my shelf for a while and I have simply been too afraid to read it. That sounds silly, but I have. I've been too afraid that it would be sad and I would end up in tears and hopeless. I started it last night and finished it this morning- it probably takes about an hour to read, but like a lot of Pearson's work, it's meant to be read aloud for the full effect, so McKay got to hear some of it.

And I was right, I was in tears and sad, but not hopelessly so. I now regret not seeing Carol Lynn perform this earlier this summer when I had the chance. Everyone needs to read this. I'm going to read the rest to McKay as well. I have lots of thoughts for my journal. You should read this. You should. I have 3 extra copies on my shelf if anyone wants one. I'll even pay shipping. Like this book? Read online this: Read This! Intro Student's Book, Mother Hubbard, Her Picture Book, Containing Mother Hubbard, The Three Bears, & The Absurd A, B, C..

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