Mourning Doves and other stories.

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Tom Upton's stories in this collection are very diverse. Mourning Doves and other stories. PDF EBookSome are more enjoyable than others, but on the whole there is something in every one of the stories that will make a reader stop and think.The version I read could definitely do with some editing, as there are many typos and errors which distract from the stories and weaken the flow of the writing.
Tom Upton's talent seems to lie in being able to grab the reader's attention and draw them into the story, and most importantly to keep the reader's interest.There are many believeable and well- PDFobserved/developed characters in these tales.Halfway through the collection, I think there are a couple of stories that could have been left out, interestingly 'Mourning Doves' was one of them! That story along with 'Fetal Position' are, in my opinion, the weakest stories in this collection.My personal favourites are, 'The Hanging Boy', which I felt was particularly insightful, and, 'Life Along the Okie-dokie Highway'.
Sometimes I found that the endings to the stories were not very satisfying, even though the actual stories and content were very interesting.
I enjoyed reading this book and it's definitely a collection worth reading.
Many thanks to Tom Upton for giving me a free download copy. Like this book? Read online this: How To Make A Cherry Baby - a collection of five erotic stories, Doves and Thunder Gods.

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