My Point... And I Do Have One

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I found this book extremely hard to get through. My Point... And I Do Have One PDF EBook I love Ellen, and her brand of humor. Why did I dislike the book so much? Well, I finished reading the book yesterday. Except if you can't see the date, then you might think today is yesterday, which it may have well been depending on when you read this review. But if you read the review a year from now, then me saying I read it yesterday will be irrelevant. But if you read this review today, then it can be accurately concluded that it was really truly yesterday that I finished reading the book. Cover to cover. But if you didn't get a copy of the book with a cover on it, you will have no idea what I am talking about. Like if your dog ate it or you happen to buy a book at a bookstore for cheap because it doesn't have a cover on it. And in that case, I hope the bookstore guy sold it at half price, because it would really stink to buy a book without a cover and not know what it is until you get it home.

(get my drift? thats almost the entire book. I love her act in person, but I expected to learn a little bit more about her than I did by reading the book.) Like this book? Read online this: Listen & Read Great Love Poems (Book & Audio Cassette), To the Point.

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