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There's so much to do now that Uncle Mike and Steve are getting married. My Uncle's Wedding PDF EBook Follow Andy on this enjoyable journey as he talks about his uncle's wedding, how it affects him, and the things he gets to do in preparation for the ceremony. You'll laugh and smile as you read this adorable story about marriage and family.

"As one of the few children's books that address LGBT issues, it serves as a conduit by which to bolster understanding in our community. The book plays a vital role in creating a brighter future for our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth and their parents." CA State Senator Mark Leno

"It is a parent's responsibility to teach their children tolerance of all people, and I have yet to find a better tool to begin that lesson than My Uncle's Wedding." Alan Chin - PDF Writer,

"It's never too early to teach our nation's children about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equality. And 'My Uncle's Wedding' does just that, showing children that marriage is about love and family. Eric Ross perfectly demonstrates that LGBT families share the same values as any other family, and his book will undoubtedly educate and inform generations to come about the freedom to marry. Bravo!" Kate Kendell, Esq. - Executive Director, National Center for Lesbian Rights

"Thischildren's book is the perfect gift for any child who loves a good storyand especially children with gay people in their family. The authorapproaches the subject of same-sex marriage with a child'ssensitivity and sensibility, and the beautiful illustrationsare sure to be enjoyed bykids andparents alike." MollyMcKay -National Media Director, Marriage Equality USA

"My Uncle's Wedding"celebrates love from a young nephew's point of view of his favorite uncle's beautiful wedding. Eric Ross has written a wonderful, heartwarming and important book in today's climate — a beautiful educational tool for children — showing thatall love is equal and good." Del Shores- Writer/Director, Sordid Lives

"Everyone agrees that children should learn in an "age-appropriate" manner, but it's also important that they learn tolerance and respect for everyone. With My Uncle's Wedding, parents and teachers alike will have a great book to teach young children that a gay marriage is just like any marriage - it's about two people who love each other." Paul Hogarth - Writer, BeyondChron Like this book? Read online this: Children's Book (How to Build Self Confidence & Self-Esteem in children's books for ages 2-8) (Interpersonal Skills for Leadership in Kids Collection), The Wedding Anthology (The Wedding, #1-3).

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