My Voice Will Go with You

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I rate it as "I really liked it" but really wanted to put "it was amazing!"

I'm telling you I wanted to put this as 5*'s all the way. My Voice Will Go with You PDF EBook.. and who knows I might just change it later.I just couldn't give it 4*'s without pointing out that the blurb on page 165 about "not trying to understand the experience while it is happening - PDF just letting it happen" SHOULD HAVE BEEN AT THE BEGINNING OF THE BOOK!

Erickson's stories need to be read and pondered all by themselves first.Then, if you must, go back and read Mr. Rosen's commentary.Don't get me wrong - Mr. Rosen's comments are insightful... but you run the risk of overwriting or modifying your own learnings by tinting your mind with his interpretations.

Read Erickson's stories 1st.In a few months, come back and re-read the whole book page-by-page, as-is.You'll thank yourself. :)

My voice will go with you, it was a very light snow, I like the way you scratch a hog, I know that you're thinking about trains, and did you realize that every blade of grass is a different share of green? Like this book? Read online this: How to Read and Understand Poetry, My Voice Will Go With You.

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