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This is the fourth book I've read by Robert Charles Wilson. Mysterium PDF EBook He seems to have a certain patented approach: a wildly improbable concept, vividly imagined and somehow made to seem plausible, at least for a while, building irresistibly toward a conclusion, a revelation of some central mystery that promises to explain it all. Tension arises because it seems an impossible feat, but the payoff comes at the narrative climax. It all comes together in a manner that is deeply satisfying — when it works.

I've also been impressed by RCW's general well- PDFroundedness. Prose style, characters, location, plot, pacing — all are nicely fleshed out and complementary. He's one of the better writers of straight-up genre science fiction, in my humble opinion.

Mysterium is the earliest of his books I've read. His basic approach is here. The wildly improbable concept is that a whole town in Michigan has been suddenly transported to an alternate Earth. It's still recognizably "our" planet, but with a different history, which emerges slowly and intriguingly as the bewildered residents try to come to make sense of their new reality.

I enjoyed the ride. It was a pleasurable read on an action-adventure level that kept me turning pages to see what would happen next.

But when all was said and done it felt a little superficial. There was nice twist at the very end, but ultimately I didn't feel the deeper questions raised by the novel's premise were explored in meaningful fashion. That said, maybe someone more familiar with the history of Gnostic Christianity would have picked up on some subtleties I missed.

In the end I felt Mysterium not as fully developed as RCW's later novels like The Chronoliths or Spin. Like this book? Read online this: Take Stock In Murder (Charles & Carrie Faraday Mystery Series Book 2), I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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