Myth in Indo-European Antiquity

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Essays resulting from a conference held in Mar. Myth in Indo- PDFEuropean Antiquity PDF EBook 1971 at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Introduction: The study of mythology and comparative mythology / Gerald James Larson —
"Le Borgne" and "le Manchot": the state of the problem / George Dumé download; zil —
History and structure in Germanic mythology: some thoughts on Einar Haugen's critique of Dumézil / Udo Strutynski —
Approaches to Germanic mythology / Edgar Polomé —
The well of Nechtan and "la glorie lumineuse" / Patrick K. Ford —
Indo-European structure of the Baltic pantheon / Jaan Puhvel —
The Lithuanian god Velnias / Marija Gimbutas —
Vṛtrahan-Verethragna: India and Iran / Steven E. Greenebaum —
Dodona, Dodola, and Daedala / David Evans —
Germanic warg: the outlaw as werwolf / Mary R. Gerstein —
Runes, mandrakes, and gallows / Jeannine E. Talley —
Georges Dumézil and the rebirth of the genetic model: an anthropological appreciation / C. Scott Littleton — Like this book? Read online this: The Germanic Invasions, Myth-Chief (Myth Adventures, #18).

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