New Poems, 1908

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I was struck by how much this poetry insists upon the gaze, the eye, and the way that the object demands the gaze or interrupts it. New Poems, 1908 PDF EBookSome of the poems were not so good, too complex and heavy, or too abstract — some of that may be the act of translation, of course, but it is hard to know, and Rilke is of course famous both for his complexity and his abstraction.But the majority of them were very good, and I must read it again in a few years to see what I make of it them; download; they do have the weight of objects, as he wished, poems as created things with concrete reality to them despite being only in words. Like this book? Read online this: All Good Things Exposed (Good Things #2), Modernism - The Jowett Lectures 1908.

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