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Copy bought November 2011 from Kulturas Books

The seven stories in this book involve the concentration camp Theresienstadt during the Second World War which is where Lustig himself was interned giving his stories here a heartbreaking validity. Night and Hope PDF EBookThe introduction actually summarizes the book in just a few sentences, which is better than anything I could say about this collection:
Every detail in Lustig's work proclaims one fact: these men and women, boys and girls, were real; download; they were not numbers, they were not pigs as the Nazis shouted at them daily, they were not virtuous Jews either.They were human.To reclaim this reality is the project of Lustig's fiction.
(intro, iii)

The first two stories (The Return and Rose Street) were the two strongest of the collection in my opinion; the following stories were fine but lost some of the oompf I found in the first two.These are powerful stories, primarily for the reason suggested in the introduction - PDF Lustig focused on the individual instead of a collective, and that made a huge impression on me.

I much preferred Lustig's novel Lovely Green Eyes: A Novel, but see that I must have read that too long ago for me to have reviewed here.Maybe it's time for a re-read.

Recommendation: Do not read this book on Thanksgiving.

Note: I just discovered Lustig died earlier this year.RIP Arnošt Lustig. Like this book? Read online this: Valda's Story (Individual stories from WISH YOU WERE HERE!, Book 4), Silent Night, Haunted Night (Nicki Styx, #4).

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