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The collection begins and ends with two of Merrill's longer poems, "The Thousand and Second Night" and "From the Cupola". Nights and Days PDF EBook Both remarkable poems. Both written in verse. Though I don't ordinarily enjoy reading poems written in verse, James Merrill has always been the exceptions. I would rate the aforementioned poems among his best verse (though I personally prefer his free form).

"The Thousand and Second Night" is an elaborately elusive poem (as one may gather from the title) that seems to extend itself infinitely, as much as the THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS that is its namesake; download; it extends itself to include the works of other poets, and references these poets directly...

My favourite stanza in "The Thousand and Second Night" breaks the flow of the piece, taking a step back into the realm of the reflexive. Merrill acknowledged that he is writing a poem, even seems to accept critique from an imagined group of students to whom he has evidently read the poem...

I found the content of "From the Cupola" less memorable, less arresting. But the verse was every bit as captivating as "The Thousand and Second Night"...

Too much understanding petrifies.
The early letters struck you as blackmail.
You have them now by heart, a rosy veil
Colours the phrase repaired to with shut eyes.

As I mentioned before, I prefer Merrill's free form poetry. Unfortunately, this collection is abundant in verse and lacking in free form. Of the few free form poems in this collection, my favourite was "Charles On Fire"...

Another evening we sprawled about discussing
Appearances.And it was the consensus
That while uncommon physical good looks
Continued to launch one, as before, in life
(Among its vaporous eddies and false calms),
Still, as one of us said into his beard,
"Without your intellectual and spiritual
Values, man, you are sunk."No one but squared
The shoulders of his own unloveliness.
Long- PDFsuffering Charles, having cooked and served the meal,
Now brought out little tumblers finely etched
He filled with amber liquor and then passed.
"Say," said the same young man, "in Paris, France,
They do it this way"—bounding to his feet
And touching a lit match to our host's full glass.
A blue flame, gentle, beautiful, came, went
Above the surface.In a hush that fell
We heard the vessel crack.The contents drained
As who should step down from a crystal coach.
Steward of spirits, Charles's glistening hand
All at once gloved itself in eeriness.
The moment passed.He made two quick sweeps and
Was flesh again."It couldn't matter less,"
He said, but with a shocked, unconscious glance
Into the mirror.Finding nothing changed,
He filled a fresh glass and sank down among us. Like this book? Read online this: Free Verse and other stories, Three Days, Two Nights.

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