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Former Teen Titans writer Marv Wolfman is back with the original Robin (Dick Grayson) in this volume of Nightwing. Nightwing PDF EBook Having moved to New York, Dick is getting involved in both the crimefighting and nightlife scenery. Nightwing attempts to reel in the high- PDFflying Raptor, only to discover that the criminal may not be the killer he is seeking. After discovering the truth behind the armored villain, the circus hero then must use his wits to escape a live burial from an unknown killer-for-hire who seems to know Nightwing's identity. The volume concludes with the soul-sucking team of Bride & download; Groom, as Dick rallies former enemies to help take down the immortal killers before they can claim their next victim. As a whole, this volume feels disjointed and disconnected. New foe Raptor fails to garner sympathy, even after dying and being cleared of murder charges. Bride and Groom are one-note characters, incapable of being more than a mystical nuisance for the street-level vigilante. Even worse, the mysterious killer-for-hire who has plagued Nightwing throughout this volume is still in the wind. Add in a mysterious voice that claims Dick should have died in the recent Crisis, and there is just too much to hate in the Love and War collection. Like this book? Read online this: Nightwing #17 (New 52 Nightwing, #17), Nightwing #0.

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