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This author's intention didn't seem to be to make this book a biography, but most of the pages were taken up by accounts of the generals' lives. Nineteen Stars PDF EBook There was nothing particularly new or insightful, but he did do a good job of summing up the positives of their careers

The crux of his book, ostensibly, is to identify why the four generals chosen (MacArthur, Marshall, Patten, and Eisenhower)turned out to be such great leaders. The problems with his analysis were twofold: First, when trying to compare intangible leadership qualities between four people leads to some cherrypicking of attributes they shared.

Though the author did extensive research (interviewing hundreds of generals), some of the qualities he came up with were not particularly convincing. Among the least convincing facets of their personalities that made them leaders was their relationships with religion (something most men shared at that time) and the drive to minimize casualties (something any sane person would strive to do).

As is almost inevitable with a subject like this, the other qualities mentioned were believable but tough to back up with anything more than anecdotal evidence, and the author did not achieve any penetrating insights.

It's a good read, if just to get one's self to think about leadership qualities, but, extensive research notwithstanding, the conclusions drawn by Puryear shouldn't be taken too seriously. Like this book? Read online this: Qualities of Mercy, Getting a Grant in the Nineteen Eighties.

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