No Brainers

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The world has a hard time saying "no" to certain temptations. No Brainers PDF EBook But the gospel turns many tough choices into "no- PDFbrainers." Satan seeks to hide consequences or to convince people that there are no consequences at all for choices. The gospel blows away the "DUM" clouds ("DUM" means "Dark Underlying Mists") and makes consequences clear. In his brand-new talk on CD, John Bytheway examines the consequences of choices facing young people today. With stories, scriptures, and statements from Church leaders, he shows convincingly that living the gospel is the smartest thing anyone can do! The gospel teaches us to say "yes" to good friends, "no" to drugs and alcohol, "no" to pornography, "no" to immorality, "yes" to repenting, coming to Christ, and enjoying a life of peace and happiness. It really is a "no-brainer"! Like this book? Read online this: Law and Gospel and the Means of Grace, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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