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This Korean Mangaka has a really polished style. Noblesse Season1. 1 PDF EBook I keep laughing out loud. Rai is such an utter badass in the hellsing alucaridan way, but what makes him stand out is how much of a dumbass he is. Sure, sure, he's been asleep for almost 900 years, he doesn't have any cultural or technological awareness, but it's so totally cool to see the suspense rise, the subtleties and nuances surrounding the next great revelations build up, only to be dashed by some monumentally dumb event. I mean, seriously, this is some really low- PDFbrow humor, but it is executed so brilliantly that I've been laughing non-stop.

It's not just humor, though. It has a fairly decent stream of fighting and monsters and levelling up, but more importantly, the art is really great.

That being said, the names are stupid and the plot is extremely simple, but I'm more than happy to ignore all that because everything else just glows. It speaks to my fairly robust knowledge of other mangas, draws out standard tropes in a very familiar way, and then sets me up perfectly every time for a knockout punch. Every frame is coloured perfectly, simple to the point of minimalism, distilling every storytelling idea down to the barest essence. Such a pure expression is a real joy, especially when we've got bananas and whirlwinds of blood.

Do I recommend this to everyone? Hell yes, it's funny as shit and an extremely quick read. I'm almost giddy with the flow.

Expect perfect straight men (or monsters) in perfectly normal situations being stymied by everyday things while maintaining an air omnipotent presence and power. The juxtaposition is absolutely perfect. Like this book? Read online this: Perfectly Innocent, Noblesse Season2. 2.

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