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I had not read Nora Ephron in a long time when I learned that she had died. Nora Ephron Collected PDF EBook This sad news was followed by a semi- PDFobsessive reading about her in The New York Times, Huffington Post, and so forth. Then, it was time to return to Nora's own words for the comfort I needed, so I took this volume off my shelves. I had forgotten how crisp she wrote. How uninhibited, despite all of her declarations of social inhibition. Whether writing about her dying mother, consciousness-raising groups, Gourmet magazine, the making of "When Harry Met Sally" or simply her own writing, she is brilliant. I was surprised that for the first time I saw in her work shades of Joan Didion. I have never considered the two women to be in the same arena, but that is changing — though Nora is certainly the more amiable of the two. And because I know that Nora would never appreciate anything but complete honesty, I must say here that I can't forgive her for letting Meg Ryan lose her lovely independent bookshop to big bad Tom Hanks's FOX Books. But that does not mean I will ever love her any less. And that's what makes her so wonderful. There is something about her that makes me feel as if I am her family ... as if she is my smart, insightful, sometimes biting (but in the best of ways) older sister. A sister I along with so many others am going to miss like crazy. Like this book? Read online this: Busybody Nora, Taming Nora.

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