Not Yet Drown'd

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Catherine MacDonald is astonished to receive from her twin brother—who had reportedly drowned a year earlier, in the monsoon floods of 1821—a kashmiri shawl, a caddy of unusual tea, and a sheaf of traditional bagpipe music in his handwriting. Not Yet Drown'd PDF EBook When had he sent it? And why had he retitled a certain tune "Not Yet Drown'd"?

Irresistibly, Catherine is drawn to India to search for answers. With her stepdaughter and their two maids—one an enigmatic Hindu, the other a runaway American slave—she follows an obscure trail of tea, opium, and bagpipe music. In the course of their journey they meet botanists, smugglers, engineers, soldiers, and artists—as well as love and betrayal. And as they copy, translate, and finally understand certain Scottish and Indian paintings and music, they discover unsuspected truths about the man they are seeking.

This luminous and accomplished romance is the author's first novel. Like this book? Read online this: Music in South India, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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