Nursing Mother, Working Mother - Revised

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I like the encouraging nature of this book, but I feel that some of the practical "advice" is way off. Nursing Mother, Working Mother - PDF Revised PDF EBook I liked the chapter on the nutritional benefits of breastmilk - it went into great detail and I learned some new fun facts. But now for the problematic material...First up - she often writes "babies" when she means to say "newborns". The advice given is mainly for babies less than 6 weeks. Next - the "study" claiming babies need to nurse on both sides for 10 minutes to get enough hindmilk. Not all babies nurse the same. Mine does 5 minutes on one side per meal sometimes. People should not obsess about hindmilk so much. It all works itself out.
Next - the bit on co-sleeping. I am not against co-sleeping - I co-slept for 6 weeks and still do occasionally. My daughter is fine sleeping in her crib all night now at 3 months. This bit on co-sleeping sort of made me feel guilty that I'm not sleep-bonding with her. I think the book should be more open-minded to the fact that in some situations everyone does sleep better with baby in his/her own space. Anyway...she also advices that once baby starts eating solids, you can put away your pump while at work. I don't think this is a really good idea, unless you have 3 months of reserved milk stored. Even still - your supply will drop without those pumping sessions. I don't think I would do this until I am getting close to weaning. Like this book? Read online this: Mother's Day Babies (Holiday Babies, #3), Good Mother, Bad Mother.

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