Object Oriented Programming In Oberon 2

PDF EBook by Hanspeter Mössenböck

EBook Description

Object- PDForiented programming (OOP) tends to improve software quality by promoting structure, extensibility, and reusability of software. Object Oriented Programming In Oberon 2 PDF EBook Its fundamentals are data abstraction, inheritance and dynamic binding. But it is not enough to understand these concepts; download; one must also learn how to make good use of them. This book covers the basic concepts of OOP, shows typical application patterns, gives useful design hints, and finally presents the design and implementation of an object-oriented window system with an integrated text and graphics editor. The language used throughout this book is Oberon-2, a clean and type-safe language designed at ETH Zurich. However, the emphasis of the book is not on the language but on the concepts of OOP. They can easily be transferred to any other object-oriented language. The book is aimed at students of computer science as well as at practitioners who want to gain a perspective on modern software development techniques. Like this book? Read online this: Object-Oriented Application Frameworks, Object-Oriented JavaScript.

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