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OF MICE AND MEN is one of John Steinbeck's classics. Of Mice and Men/Cannery Row PDF EBookIt tells the story of two men who are migrant farm workers in California during American's Great Depression.George is the caretaker of Lenny, a big, strong, mentally-handicapped man who loves soft things, but gets carried away with petting them and touching them, often ending up in disaster for these two men.They can never hold a job for long.

I have read this book many years ago, and I appreciate it even more today as I just recently saw Carlisle Floyd's (?) opera here in Ft. Worth earlier this year.

The theme that stands out to me right now is that nothing is black and white:bad comes with good.E.g., even though Lenny has the kindest heart, without intending to, he causes great harm to those around him.

More next week when I finish it.

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