Of Mistresses, Tigresses and Other Conquests

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I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed this. Of Mistresses, Tigresses and Other Conquests PDF EBook Probably what was most interesting was how little he held back: sex positions are described in detail, including oral sex, and we're even treated to a somewhat worrying anecdote about his ejaculation. This was all probably more amusing than sensual, but I did genuinely enjoy Casanova's writing.

What was also interesting was just how much of a romantic he was, and how truly in love he fancied himself to be. He proclaims that he is faithful to a woman who is quite open about having another lover (and the other lover is in on it too... very much so, we soon find out), and seems to get most excited about details I didn't expect, such as how beautiful she looks when she wears her hair as a man (he compares her to both a woman and a man he has known).

The only disappointing part was the fact that this particular edition is, as I knew going in, only small excerpts of Casanova's memoirs. I'm sure I would have enjoyed to read more, or even focus on one particular part of his life (e.g. his romance with the aforementioned woman). I'm not sure how exactly these chapters were chosen, or if there were any better ones (perhaps there weren't) but while I do appreciate the fact that this was really only a taste, as with many of the Penguin Great Loves books, part of me can only wonder if the chapters given were the best ones to choose, as they seem to have little relation to each other. I would have to read the rest to find out. Like this book? Read online this: Once an Eagle (Part 1 of a 2-Part Cassette Edition ) (Part 1 of a 2-Part Cassette Edition )(Library), The Six Wives & Many Mistresses of Henry VIII.

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