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I was surprised how not overly sexist this book was for the time it was written and also considering ancient Greek culture in general. Old Greek Stories PDF EBook I read it to my daughter (8) and we both enjoyed the stories, which were written in an engaging way, with evocative but not too advanced language. I did change most of the instances of "men" to "people" and "mankind" to "humankind" while reading it, but otherwise it really held up. My daughter particularly enjoyed the story of Atalanta, which she compared to the Disney movie "Brave" (who says 8 years olds can't do comparative lit?). Also, the portrayals of the gods are interesting—often, the gods are shown to be vain and arbitrary, but it's not done in a sexist way (as many Greek myth books seem to be, where Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Apollo, and Hermes are depicted as being pretty powerful and awesome and the goddesses, particularly Hera, Demeter, and Aphrodite, are portrayed as weak and vain and boring). Most of the gods in this book are pretty much acting like egomaniacal jerks (particularly Zeus), with the exception of Athena who is mostly compassionate and fair (though consistently described as "not beautiful," prompting an interesting discussion about what beauty is. I suggested that Athena was described as not being beautiful because she didn't feel like putting on makeup or spend a lot of time on her hair or ornaments, but that it didn't mean she was actually unattractive—just not participating in the standardized culture of beauty at the time. Like this book? Read online this: Greek Gods and Heroes, Patient Stories 2012- Stories from the present, lessons for the future.

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