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I give it a 3. On Christian Liberty PDF EBook5 but rounded up on the stars. Luther contends that by putting assurance of salvation on works the Christian is contradicting the work of Christ and the promises of God. Nonetheless, Luther’s conviction is that this freedom does not exclude Christians from works but rather should be the compelling reason to serve God and one another. How would my life look different if I were to live more truly out of a place of freedom?I was especially struck by the weight of Luther’s thoughts when he said, “What greater rebellion against God, what greater wickedness, what greater contempt of God is there than not believing his promise?For what is this but to make God a liar or to doubt that he is truthful? – that is, to ascribe truthfulness to one’s self but lying and vanity to God?”

I think our own Christian culture, similar to the one Luther experienced, often perpetuates the idea of good works needed for God’s approval, only the works today might look like quiet times, prayer, going to church, and not using profanity.Sin often becomes relegated to discreet acts based on the idea that your bank of holiness is based on things you do or do not do.I believe our culture has failed to understand the severity of sin as well as the severe mercy in God’s grace.We live in a world that is mixed with both human sin as well as God’s grace and I think this begs dialogue with Luther’s idea of Christian Liberty. Like this book? Read online this: Luther's Works Lectures on the Psalms I/Chapters 1-75, On the Christian Life (Dr. Doctrine's Christian Comix, Volume 1, Issue 4).

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