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My own reaction to the luncay that passes for higher education in the social "sciences" and the humanities is validated by this radical intellectual. On Democracy & download; Education PDF EBook Chomsky broadens his case for the powerful few tyrannizing the many with the help of editors who have cut and paste speeches and essays spanning 4 decades. His basic premise is that the university arena is (theoretically) the strong hold of democratic processes where freedom of inquiry and freedom of dissent is not only exected but encouraged. Today these principles are eroding in the modern, corporate- PDFfunded university system more than ever. This book is highly relevant to the current trend in "Academic Freedom" issues. If you are not concerned about this issue you could be, check out David Horowitz or just google "academic freedom" to enjoy the new fundementalist right wing approach to education reform as well as the association of professors who are determined to maintain and develope what still remains of open inquiry and dissent in the Ivory Tower. Like this book? Read online this: Freedom to Submit (Freedom, Colorado #1), EDUCATION IN TIMES OF TRANSITION (World Yearbook of Education, 2000).

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