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What is it about mid- PDFcentury American essays that gives one that not-so-fresh feeling?

McCarthy is a good enough writer, but these pieces from the 40s, 50s and 60s feel grievously stale, I guess because her topics are so of the moment: Communists and fellow-travelers, "the Vassar girl," beauty magazines, Arthur Miller. On the Contrary PDF EBookAnything from the 19th century would feel more relevant.

There are two different pieces dealing with an encounter McCarthy had with a slightly anti-Semitic Colonel on a train.The first is the original piece which ran in Harpers; download; the second addresses how people were confused and thought it was fiction, and wanted the symbolism explained to them.This is at least one too many essays about McCarthy and the Colonel.

The book is divided into three sections, "Politics and the Social Scene," "Woman" (quite awful), and "Literature and the Arts."In the last, two essays, "The Fact in Fiction" and "Characters in Fiction" are worth reading, faute de mieux. Like this book? Read online this: Essays on Twentieth-Century History, Contrary Mary.

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