Once Upon A Tiger

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ONCE UPON A TIGER contains a wide variety of poems by award- PDFwinning poet Janet Wong: funny poems, rhyming poems, free verse poetry, pourquoi tale poems, inspirational poems, and love poems for wildlife. Once Upon A Tiger PDF EBook Watercolor illustrations by Sladjana Vasic burst with personality and will inspire kids to learn about conservation of animals and their rainforest and ocean habitats. Nonfiction end-notes and embedded facts within the poems provide an educational bonus.

Kids who love pandas, polar bears and elephants—and who want to help these animals—will be inspired by this book. The author is donating royalties to the WWF and other wildlife charities.

The endangered species featured in this book include IUCN red list animals:
Axolotl (Mexican Walking Fish)
Mountain Gorilla
Sumatran Rhinoceros
Blue Whale
Leatherback Sea Turtle
Giant Panda
Asian Elephant
Polar Bear

Here is "Leatherback Sea Turtle":

The First Big Turtle Race:

Leatherback said,
"This suitcase
of heavy shell
is weighing me down.
six thousand miles
I'll probably drown
with this thing on."

So he chucked it—
with a flip of a fin.

And sleek Leatherback
went on to WIN!

Author Janet Wong (www.janetwong.com) has written for 20 years and performs at schools and libraries all over the world. She has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and has read at the White House. This is her first collaboration with talented artist Sladjana Vasic (illustrator of Goose Lake).

This book was the winner of the 2011 Green Book Festival (e-book category).

***POETRY CONTEST: The annual Once Upon a Tiger poetry contest for children provides a meaningful real-world creative writing exercise. Kids can read this book, get passionate about endangered animals, do their own poetry writing, and submit their poems at www.OnceUponATiger.com.*** Like this book? Read online this: The Captain Poetry Poems Complete, Tiger, Tiger.

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