Once Upon a Time

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Ten of the top writers of fantasy present their views of the ways and byways of fairyland:
ISAAC ASIMOV — A most unusual knight meets an even more unusual dragon. Once Upon a Time PDF EBook
TERRY BROOKS — A boy and an elf discover courage conquers more than monsters.
C.J. CHERRYH — Three wishes — and the strangest love story ever told.
LESTER DEL REY — The little princess didn't really believe in a fairy godmother.
SUSAN DEXTER — The hermit boy didn't know that his pet fawn was a unicorn.
WAYLAND DREW — Each traveler claimed precedence — until a stranger joined them.
BARBARA HAMBLY — Three strange children from a dragon's lair were loved, until . . .
KATHERINE KURTZ — A fairy learns of faith and love from a holy man.
ANNE McCAFFREY — Humans and the descendants of Pegasus seek to escape their prison.
LAWRENCE WATT- PDFEVANS — Killing a dragon is easy — once one knows how. Like this book? Read online this: Border Lair (Dragon Knights, #2), Gaining Time Executing Time-Based Strategy.

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