One Beetle Too Many

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A lively text and captivating images tell the story of the ever- PDFcurious boy who grew up to make one of the most significant discoveries of our time. One Beetle Too Many PDF EBook

From the time Charles Darwin was a boy, he was happiest when he was out alone collecting specimens (especially beetles). And despite his father's efforts to turn young Darwin — a poor student — into a doctor or clergyman, the born naturalist jumped instead at the chance to sail around South America, observing and collecting flora and fauna all the way. In a clear, engaging narration, Kathryn Lasky takes readers along on Darwin's journey, from his discovery of seashells on mountaintops that revealed geological changes to his observations of variations in plants and animals, suggesting that all living things are evolving over time. Matthew Trueman's striking mixed-media illustrations include actual objects found in nature, enhancing this compelling look at the man behind the bold theory that would change the way we think about the world — and ourselves. Like this book? Read online this: Charles Darwin and the Beagle Adventure, I racconti di Pietroburgo.

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